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☆ Freaking Loser ☆

An Icon Journal of Such a Person! x)

22 May
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Welcome to FREAKING_LOSER, a graphics journal. Here, you will find icons from various video games, and sometimes some from stock photographs, anime and cartoons, and other media. Also available from this journal are requestables: receive customized icons of your usernames, lovers, best friends, etc., whenever possible! Other graphics you will find in this journal are the occassional banner or header. Suggestions are also accepted and requests will be taken as well.

Please friend the journal if you like what you see, and tell your friends too! =)

1.) Please do not hotlink. This consists of directly using the URL of my icons for your own purposes. PLEASE upload the icons to your own server! Hotlinking eats up my bandwith, and that causes the icons and graphics to be unseen by other users. Be courteous and don’t ruin it for others!

2.) For the requestables: please check the subject heading. If it says [Closed], then please don’t request! I’m not doing them anymore! If it says [Open], go for it!

3.) Credit is always appreciated so others who are interested in finding more of my icons know where to find them! :D Don’t claim my work as your own. It's disrespectful AND against the law.

4.) Comment is not necessary, but it is appreciated as well. I like to know the kinds of things you like or dislike, and how exactly I am faring with others. Constructive criticism is always helpful and I’m open to suggestions!

5.) This is a biggie for me, just because I really can’t stand rude people. PLEASE use your manners. “Please” and “thank you” are three short words that mean a lot and aren’t too hard to say.


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